My name is Victor Minetola.

I am a media designer, a musician, a worship leader, a creative catalyst, an Apple enthusiast, a husband, a father.

I design media: sound and music, print and web. I’ve done some video and am itching to get back into it again, as well as getting my feet wet in the motion graphic ocean.

I’m a musician. My hyp0static project has laid rather dormant, but I’ve been hearing some things that are inspiring and hopefully awakening that section of my brain.

I’m a worship leader and creative catalyst at University Lutheran Chapel—near the campus of University of Michigan.

I love Apple gear and have been a user since grade school (a long time ago…) aside from the Coleco ADAM we had at home and the very short period of Windows use at a former employer.

I have been married to my beautiful wife since 1995 and we have two gorgeous daughters—one in 3rd grade and the other in Kindergarten.

I write about all of these things, sometimes in the same breath.


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