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I have been captivated by cinema graphs for a few years now. As best as I can surmise, a cinemagraph is a clip of video that has been turned into a looping animated GIF. But there’s more to it than … Continue reading

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Worship Wars—faulty (and hurtful) logic

I am not an apologist. I have wasted countless hours in the past fretting about internet arguments over matters of faith and doctrine. However, when I read this blog post I felt a need to respond in some way. In the … Continue reading

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The Brilliance charts (finally)

I am so sorry I have not been a good steward about getting these up. But, finally, here they are. Some of these are closer than others. If you have any questions (or corrections), please let me know. Anybody have … Continue reading

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The Brilliance “Open Up” Chart

I’ve been meaning to start getting some of these up here for a while. If you are not familiar with The Brilliance, you need to be. They are fronted by David Gungor (the brother of Michael) and they are writing … Continue reading

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Worship: to kiss towards

I learned a few years ago from Dan Kimball that one of the Greek words that we translate as “worship” is proskuneo which translates directly as “to kiss towards.” I love that. It is full of action and love and … Continue reading

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