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I am a media designer. I am a worship leader.


This is an old song of mine that I thought I’d throw on the site. atrophy The other day Guy Sigsworth asked on Twitter about beautiful engineering accidents, and I referenced this track. For some of the ‘breaking apart’ toward … Continue reading

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Worship Leader Product Endorsements?

So I’m recovering from a little outpatient surgery and Christine picks me up a copy of Men’s Health to flip through, and I see an ad for a new line of Paul Mitchell products geared toward men: Mitch. In the … Continue reading

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Jim LePage: Word Bible Designs

I love when worlds collide. The Twitter equivalent of this is when you follow, say, designers, Christian leaders, beer aficionados, and all those things culminate in people who meet all of those criteria. That happened a few months ago when … Continue reading

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Back up and running

After much waiting and procrastination and putting other things first (the cobbler’s children have no shoes), I finally have back up and running. This is going to be the portal for anything in which I’m involved. One of the reasons … Continue reading

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